Media Release

27 February 2017

Guy: Liberal Nationals to refurbish and re-open Murrumbeena Police Station

Monday 27 February 2017
Liberal Nationals to refurbish and re-open Murrumbeena Police Station
Matthew Guy today announced a Liberal Nationals Government will spend $1.5 million refurbishing the run down and currently unmanned Murrumbeena Police Station. We will also negotiate a permanent police presence for the station with up to five police on a roster working in tandem with the Caulfield Police Station.
Currently there are no operational police stations between Caulfield and Oakleigh. Re-opening Murrumbeena will fill a hole in policing that would otherwise be intensified when Sky Rail is operational.
Crime heat maps obtained from Victoria Police under FOI show Murrumbeena was regularly a crime hot spot and give a basis in fact for heightened local community security and safety concerns.

Quotes attributable to State Liberal Leader, Matthew Guy:
“Crime is out of control in Murrumbeena and it’s hurting the local community. We can’t continue to be the world’s liveability city if wonderful communities like this are living in fear. My government will crack down on crime with tougher sentencing and more police on the ground in our suburbs.”

Quotes attributable to the Shadow Minister for Police and Community Safety, Edward O’Donohue:
“Local communities are very concerned that Sky Rail will be a magnet for crime, graffiti and other antisocial activity, in an area already plagued by crime.
Unlike Daniel Andrews who has done and intends to do nothing to alleviate those concerns, the Liberal Nationals are determined to act and act decisively. A visible and dedicated local police presence is what is required and what the we will provide if elected.”
Latest crime statistics reveal that crime in Murrumbeena is up a shocking 46.1% over the year to September 2016 and a staggering 73.3% since September 2013.”

Quotes attributable to the Member for Southern Metropolitan Region, David Davis:
“The local community should not have to wait for the next election to have their safety and security taken seriously by government. Daniel Andrews needs to step up and match this Liberal Nationals commitment, now.”