Media Release

15 December 2017

Battin: Attempt to block VEOHRC bullying report fails

Friday 15 December 2017

Attempt to block VEOHRC bullying report fails

Daniel Andrews has stood by and watched while Peter Marshall and the UFU tried to block the VEOHRC’s report into bullying and intimidation in Victoria’s fire services.

Today, the Supreme Court dismissed the UFU’s attempt to supress the truth about bullying and harassment in our fire services.

Daniel Andrews needs to answer why he didn’t intervene to force the release of the report, even when further allegations of bullying continued to be made public.

Earlier this year Matthew Guy announced that if elected the Liberal Nationals would hold a Royal Commission into Victoria’s fire services.

Serious allegations – potentially criminal in nature – of bullying, intimidation, sexual harassment, discrimination and other forms of detrimental action, have been outlined in a series of reports over recent years, but have not been addressed.

Only a Royal Commission, with the powers it possesses, will be capable of overcoming the obstacles that have thwarted so many earlier efforts at reform.

A Royal Commission is now vital and urgent.