Media Release

31 January 2017

Battin: CFA volunteer numbers down under Andrews

Tuesday 31 January 2017

CFA volunteer numbers down under Andrews

The Productivity Commission’s Report on Government Services has today revealed that the number of CFA volunteers in Victoria has dropped significantly under Daniel Andrews.
The report shows that since Daniel Andrews and the UFU begun waging war on the CFA, the number of operational volunteer firefighters has plunged 6.9% from 38,048 in June 2014 to 35,585 in June 2016.
The Productivity Commission also found that the Andrews Labor Government has cut funding for the State Emergency Service (SES) by more than $1.25 million.
Victoria now has 2400 fewer CFA volunteers saving lives and properties because Daniel Andrews put his UFU cronies before community safety.
Time and time again, Daniel Andrews picks sides and declares winners and losers and as a result Victoria is less safe.