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08 December 2017

Battin: Daniel Andrews uses figures to divide firefighters

Friday 8 December 2017

Daniel Andrews uses figures to divide firefighters

Again Daniel Andrews and James Merlino fudge the figures to divide the fire services. They continue to focus on covering for their union mates. They disrespect volunteers and disregard community safety.

The figures released today, for the second time in two months, fail to have individual brigade response times for the MFB, but apply this stricter standard to the CFA.

This is a devious trick, designed to mislead the public, denigrate volunteers, and render comparisons with MFB response times impossible.

When will Daniel Andrews end his war on volunteers?

The Premier must stop backing dodgy UFU thugs and start protecting all fire-fighters, and all Victorians.

Daniel Andrews and Labor must finally agree the only way to protect those who protect us is a Royal Commission into Victoria’s fire services.