Media Release

20 October 2016

Battin: Firefighters Union targeting small business

Wednesday 19 October 2016

Firefighters Union targeting Small Business

A Facebook page set up last night targets small business in Victoria for supporting volunteer firefighters in our State.

At the same time Daniel Andrews fails to respect volunteer firefighters his union mates are bullying Victorian communities to boycott respected local businesses for their support of our 60,000 dedicated Volunteers.

It is these types of pages and posts that are fuelling Daniel Andrews’ war on firefighters, it is clear union bullies will stop at nothing to take control of the CFA.

Daniel Andrews’ war on Victoria’s fire services has gone too far, it must be ended and the UFU must confirm no members of their union are using social media to bully small business and local communities for supporting Volunteers.

Quotes from the Facebook page:

About: “This page has been created to inform supporters of professional fire fighters where they should not be spending their hard earned dollars.”

“Spend your money elsewhere. This business supports the degradation of fire services in Victoria.” – Page Administrator