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08 November 2018

Battin – Jack Rush QC on Daniel Andrews putting lives at risk

Thursday 8 November 2018

Jack Rush QC on Daniel Andrews putting lives at risk

Daniel Andrews has lost control of the CFA dispute and plans to destroy the CFA to hand control over to the United Firefighters Union and its boss, Peter Marshall.

This morning on Melbourne radio, Jack Rush QC, the counsel to the Royal Commission into the Black Saturday fires, warned that Daniel Andrews and Labor are putting Victorians lives at risk this fire season.


Um that’s the concern of Bernie Teague, it’s the concern of the people that have come together to try and get this issue on the agenda for the election, to ensure that people understand exactly what the point is and could it be worse?

Well, all I can say is that we are putting at risk what is a world renowned firefighting organisation for no apparent reason apart from some ideological agenda to, you use the word and I’m happy to adopt it, pander to Mr Marshall


The bottom line to it is we’re theoretically at least putting lives at risk


Yep, I agree um and that’s the issue and that’s the concern.

There are 55,000 volunteers in the CFA. I you know, I had the privilege of meeting many of them and many of them have become my friends and when I see the bravery and the response that we saw on Black Saturday of people prepared to put their lives at risk, a community organisation of volunteers who go through and train and turn out on Sundays and see the CFA as a community organisation.

I just ask myself why don’t we embrace that? Why don’t we encourage it? And all we are getting and what has happened in the last three years is a negativity that is impacting on the ethos that makes the CFA great.

These comments come in the same week, Former Justice Teague who ran the Royal Commission into the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires spoke out about the risk of Daniel Andrews plan to tear apart the CFA will put communities at risk.

“Daniel Andrews has had to pay and will continue to pay for the position that is taken by the UFU but … it comes at a cost to the community.”

This week Daniel Andrews has confirmed he will push through his flawed legislation that will reduce the capacity of our fire services, disrespect volunteers and hand too much control to the union.

In 4 years we have seen CFA Chiefs and CEO’s, MFB Chiefs and CEO’s, CFA and MFB Boards and Chairs, community groups and now the 2 most senior people involved in the 2009 Royal Commission clearly state, Daniel Andrews is destroying the CFA and putting lives at risk.

Matthew Guy and the Liberal Nationals will get back in control of the CFA dispute and protect the rights of our hardworking firefighters.

This is further evidence that a Royal Commission into Victoria’s fire services is now necessary and urgent and if elected this month, the Liberal Nationals will launch a Royal Commission into Victoria’s fire services.

Daniel Andrews and Labor have lost control of the CFA dispute allowing cancer rights for firefighters to be used by his government as a political tool.

A Liberal Nationals government will introduce a Presumptive Legislation Bill in the first parliamentary sitting week of 2019, if elected this November. The bill will ensure all career and volunteer firefighters have fair and timely access to cancer compensation.

The Liberal Nationals will always protect those who protect us.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Emergency Services, Brad Battin:

Daniel Andrews has lost control of the fire services and today Jack Rush QC joined Former Justice Bernard Teague to say we must respect and support our volunteers and the CFA.

Each and every day, our CFA volunteers leave their families to fight fires, saves lives and keep us safe. The Liberal Nationals will protect those who protect us