Media Release

04 October 2018

Battin – Kealy: Daniel Andrews and Firefighters Union continue the cover up

Thursday 4 October 2018

Daniel Andrews and Firefighters Union continue the cover up

Once again Daniel Andrews’ blatant disrespect for CFA volunteers has been proven.

The Court of Appeal ruled in favour of the United Firefighters Union to block the release of the long awaited VEOHRC report into the culture and bullying at the CFA and MFB.

Peter Marshall’s own report shows a high number of survey respondents claiming they have experienced a form of bullying – yet Peter Marshall is still continuing to cover up bullying claims from his own UFU members.

Daniel Andrews should demand an appeal to allow victims have a voice, instead he will remain silent supporting his mate Peter Marshall and his union.

We desperately need a Royal Commission into Victoria’s fire services, we need to let the victims be heard and we need action to stop the ongoing bullying, harassment and intimidation as highlighted in past reports.

If elected next month November, a Matthew Guy Liberal Nationals Government will start a Royal Commission into Victoria’s fire services in the first 100 days.

Daniel Andrews and Peter Marshall continue covering up bullying in our fire services and a Liberal Nationals Government will uncover the truth and protect those who protect us. Our volunteers deserve that support and respect.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Emergency Services, Brad Battin,:

“Daniel Andrews and the Firefighters Union have been covering this up for too long. If the Premier was fair-dinkum about stopping workplace bullying and harassment he would tell Peter Marshall to stop the cover up.”

“A Matthew Guy Government will hold a Royal Commission into our fire services, we have had enough of Labor hiding the truth, and we need to fix Daniel Andrews’ mess.

Daniel Andrews leaves Victorian safety at risk, as his war with the CFA has seen more volunteers leave. Only a Liberal National Government will have a plan to support volunteers and better protect our state.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Women and Shadow Minister for Mental Health, Emma Kealy:

The women who courageously shared their experience of extreme harassment, bullying and even sexual assault in Victoria’s Fire Services have been silenced by Peter Marshall and the UFU.

Women should be able to go to work without fear of bullying or sexual assault and must be heard when speaking out against it.

Daniel Andrews stood on the sidelines while the UFU cruelly fought to make sure women who bravely shared their story will never be heard.

The Liberal Nationals will have a Royal Commission into Victoria’s Fire Services to give women a safe forum to be heard and to ensure this terrible culture of bullying and harassment in Victoria’s fire services is eliminated.