Media Release

30 December 2017

Battin: Royal Commission now necessary and urgent

Saturday 30 December 2017

Royal Commission now necessary and urgent

Daniel Andrews’ disrespect for CFA volunteers has torn away at the fabric of our fire services.

Allegations his own hand-picked CEO has breached the privacy of a 17 year old girl and her family to suit an attempt to further tarnish volunteers, must be investigated.

This is further evidence that a Royal Commission into Victoria’s fire services is now necessary and urgent.

If elected in 2018, the Liberal Nationals will launch a Royal Commission into Victoria’s fire services.

Questions surrounding the recent incident at Eaglehawk CFA station must be answered:

–          Why did CFA CEO Frances Diver go on Melbourne radio to talk about the alleged incident, but now says she can’t give further detail as it is under investigation?

–          Why did Frances Diver release CCTV footage to the media against the wishes of the family?

–          Did Frances Diver have discussions with Emergency Services Minister James Merlino prior to releasing the CCTV footage?

–          Did the Minister approve the release of the CCTV footage?

–          Did anyone in the Premier’s office see the CCTV footage before it was released?

–          Did the Premier’s office pass any footage or information to the United Firefighters’ Union regarding this confidential investigation?

Again we see the Andrews Labor Government and their hand-picked management working to erode the public perception of fire services volunteers.  Volunteers deserve our support and respect.

Only a Royal Commission will uncover the truth of what’s going on behind closed doors in Victoria’s fire services.