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05 January 2017

Battin: Victorians held to ransom by Andrews’ UFU mates

Thursday 5 January 2017

Victorians held to ransom by Andrews’ UFU mates

How many more times will Daniel Andrews let the United Firefighters Union hold Victorians to ransom and get away with it?
It has been revealed today that the UFU is now demanding $1.6 million of taxpayers’ money from the Andrews Government as further payback for a secret pre-election deal.
The community has a right to know what deals Daniel Andrews has made with the United Firefighters Union and why they have to pay for them.
Victoria’s emergency services are too important to play politics with, and every time Daniel Andrews does, he is putting the safety of the community in jeopardy.
The Opposition has referred Daniel Andrews’ pre-election deal with the UFU to Victoria’s anti-corruption commission, IBAC and these developments will likely fall within the scope of that investigation.
Instead of governing for all Victorians, Daniel Andrews thinks government is a zero-sum game, where his mates get to win, and somebody else has to lose.
For a Premier that takes sides so often, Victorians can rightly wonder if Daniel Andrews will ever take theirs.