Media Release

05 October 2016

Bull: Dan’s got no plan for public housing

Wednesday 5 October 2016

Dan’s got no plan for public housing

Daniel Andrews has no plan to relieve the intense stress on our state’s public housing assets, while tens of thousands of vulnerable Victorians are reduced to a number on extensive wait lists.

Labor’s own hand-picked infrastructure advisers have identified a lack of leadership in social housing.

This is no surprise, given Labor failed to allocate any significant funds for public housing in this year’s State Budget.

Infrastructure Victoria found demand for affordable housing is outstripping the relative supply, with thousands of homes in the existing public housing stock in disrepair (Source: Infrastructure Victoria Draft 30-year Strategy, p90).

Under the previous Coalition government, the public housing list decreased by more than 6000 applicants. Daniel Andrews has relegated this issue to the too-hard basket for too long.

We already know our state is facing an affordable housing crisis.

Our most vulnerable shouldn’t be forced to wait for a report to confirm this to get a roof over their heads.