Media Release

06 November 2018

Bull: Labor Greens minority government to close racing industry?

Tuesday 6 November 2018

Labor Greens minority government to close racing industry?

Long-term ALP ministerial adviser and Victorian convenor of the influential Labor Environment Action Network (LEAN), Matthew Landolfo, has demonstrated the power the Greens would wield in a Labor Greens minority government.

The Greens strongly oppose horse racing and yesterday tweeted their opposition to all horse racing and in particular the Melbourne Cup with a #NupToTheCup post on Twitter.

Yesterday, Matthew Landolfo tweeted his support for the Greens #NupToTheCup campaign.

Matthew Landolfo, who works for senior Labor Minister, Natalie Hutchins, also retweeted two posts which support the Greens’ #NupToTheCup campaign opposing the Melbourne Cup.

Last month Labor announced a $33 million package to support thoroughbred racing.

Now the head of LEAN, which has won the support of 94 Labor branches, supports the Greens’ campaign to shut down the racing industry.

The racing industry adds some $2.8 billion to the Victorian economy and involves more than 114,100 people directly or indirectly; 60 percent of who are in regional Victoria.

LEAN, an internal ALP pro-Green pressure group, has successfully lobbied the Federal Australian Labor Party to support increasing the renewable energy target to 50 percent by 2030.

Along with both the state and federal Greens, LEAN opposes the Adani coal mine and at a state level they support a range of Green agendas which is nothing more than an anti-jobs, anti-economic development agenda.

Victoria cannot afford a Labor Greens minority government with the chaos and instability it would bring as the Greens’ force their own agenda through.