Media Release

19 April 2018

Burgess: Merlino wipes out hundreds of small businesses

Thursday 19 April 2018

Merlino wipes out hundreds of small businesses

Member for Monbulk and Education Minister, James Merlino has failed to stand up for the small family cleaning businesses that service the local schools in his electorate.

Come June 30, 23 local schools in the Education Minister’s own electorate will be dirtier for longer, as the Andrews Labor Government’s union dominated cleaning workforce reforms come into practice.

These unfair changes to existing cleaning contracts mean 700 small businesses, including local cleaners in Monbulk will have their livelihoods destroyed and countless jobs lost.

James Merlino has stood by and let Daniel Andrews tear up contracts regardless of how long they have been in place for.

This latest attack on Victorian small family businesses is a disgrace and just more evidence that Daniel Andrews and his band of bullies will stop at nothing to expand their union base and cling to power.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Small and Medium Enterprises, Neale Burgess:

“Whether he’s waging war on CFA volunteers, rorting taxpayer dollars or tearing up cleaning contracts, Victorians are sick of being bullied by Daniel Andrews.

“Labor must stop these destructive reforms and commit to honouring the existing contracts in place with local school principals and councils across the electorate.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Education, Tim Smith:

“Part time Education Minister James Merlino is more interested in betraying the CFA and cutting dodgy deals with the United Firefighters Union and Peter Marshall than he is supporting local schools and the local small businesses that clean them.”

Comments attributable to Liberal Candidate for Monbulk, John Schurink:

“As I get around the Monbulk Electorate, parents tell me they are worried about the cleanliness of their school under these reforms. I’m calling on the current Member for Monbulk to halt these changes and ensure our local schools are taken of.”