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28 March 2018

Burgess: Small Business Minister applauds while 800 small businesses suffer

Wednesday 28 March 2018

Small Business Minister applauds while 800 small businesses suffer

Today in Upper House Question Time, Minister for Small Business, Phillip Dalidakis argued that the 800 cleaning contractors who clean Victorian schools did not come under his portfolio, passing the buck to the Education Minister.

He further applauded the sacking of the school cleaners due to the ‘vast array of rorting’ going on by small cleaning contractors.

At a time when 21 Labor Ministers and MPs have been caught rorting taxpayer money to fund their election campaigns it is startling that Labor is pointing the finger at hard working family businesses.

While the Andrews Government wants all school cleaning small businesses terminated for the misdeeds of a few, not even one Labor MP will lose their job.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Small and Medium Enterprises, Neale Burgess MP:

It is simply unacceptable, that the Minister, supposedly there to represent small businesses, wilfully watches over 800 of them close their doors and makes a mockery of their hard work and dedication to their communities.

This Minister is a part of a rorting Labor Government and has lost the confidence of the small business community with his ineptitude and arrogance.