Media Release

31 March 2015

Pesutto: Chief Prosecutor Comments a test for Daniel Andrews

Tuesday 31 March 2015


Chief Prosecutor Comments a test for Daniel Andrews


Under the baseline reforms, those found guilty of murder, child sex crimes, culpable driving causing death and large-scale commercial drug trafficking will face big increases in sentences.

The new law requires courts to set higher sentences not just for the most serious instances of those offences, but across the board.

The Chief Parliamentary Counsel who drafted these laws – and who is effectively being criticised here – has been retained by Daniel Andrews in a leading capacity.


Quotes Attributed to John Pesutto MP:

“These criticisms are a direct challenge to the law and order credentials of Daniel Andrews: Will he listen to lawyers or the community on law and order?

“The public is sick and tired of violent offenders getting parole and they are fed up with dangerous individuals facing charges getting bail. Daniel Andrews must not water down tough new laws.

“Daniel Andrews should make it clear that it’s Parliament’s job, not a judge’s job, to decide the sentencing levels that the courts apply.

“The Andrews Government is already showing worrying signs that it’s going soft on crime. These latest comments are a test for the Premier on whether he’ll back the lawyers or the victims.”