Media Release

11 November 2015

Clark: Cesar Melhem and Daniel Andrews

Wednesday 11 November 2015


Cesar Melhem and Daniel Andrews

Daniel Andrews must take immediate action to suspend Cesar Melhem from the Labor Party.

Following damning evidence given to the Royal Commission, Counsel Assisting has now submitted that criminal charges should be considered against Mr Melhem over alleged corrupt and secret commissions in deals with employers.  This makes it untenable for Daniel Andrews to continue to accept his tainted vote in Parliament.

If Daniel Andrews continues to take Cesar Melhem’s tainted vote, he is sending a message to Victorians that under his government, politics triumphs over integrity.

While Daniel Andrews says he won’t provide a “running commentary” on Cesar Melhem, every day he accepts Melhem’s tainted vote is a comment on the Premier’s lack of integrity.

Daniel Andrews can’t keep running from the Cesar Melhem scandal.  Trying to bury his head in the sand just shows Victorians yet again that he is a Premier who is too weak to make a decision, too weak to take action and too weak to stand up to the unions.

Daniel Andrews has boasted in the past that he takes “responsibility for each and every thing that happens under my leadership of the Labor Party and my leadership of the government”.

Now is the time for Daniel Andrews to put up or shut up.