Media Release

20 October 2016

Clark: Victorian construction industry needs return of the ABCC

Tuesday 18 October 2016

Victorian construction industry needs return of the ABCC

Following the Andrews Government’s abolition of the Victorian Code of Practice for the Building and Construction Industry, Victoria has been left wide open to industrial thuggery and intimidation in the construction industry.

Across the nation, construction industry disputes are on the rise, and Victoria is at the forefront of CFMEU bullying and standover tactics.

The major projects that Victoria needs to maintain our liveability are going to cost taxpayers even more because of Daniel Andrews’ kowtowing to John Setka and the CFMEU.

Whether it is scrapping the Building and Construction Industry Code of Practice, or undermining the CFA – Daniel Andrews puts his union mates first and Victorians last.

That’s why Victoria needs the Senate to support the Turnbull government’s legislation for the return of the Australian Building Construction Commission and for stronger standards of transparency and accountability for union officials.