Media Release

31 March 2015

Guy – O’Brien: Cranbourne Pakenham Upgrade

Tuesday 31 March 2015


Cranbourne Pakenham Upgrade

The Coalition’s plan was to close the financial contract by May 2015 with a construction completion date in 2018. Under this plan, the taxpayer would make the first payment in 2018 and would not be exposed to project blow-outs the likes of which Labor knows all too well.

Has Labor increased the number of level crossing removals? The Coalition project funded four removals and funded planning for a further five, which were to be done separately. Therefore, nine level crossing removals under both plans.

Daniel Andrews claims there was not going to be signalling upgrades on the Cranbourne Pakenham Line under the Coalition. This is not true.

Labor is misrepresenting the Coalition commitment of 25 more trains on the Cranbourne Pakenham Line. The initial commitment for 25 more trains was bolstered by the pledge in October 2014 to purchase 75 additional trains for the metropolitan network (as well as 75 new trams and 24 V-line cars) from local manufacturers which equated to one new train or tram every month for 10 years.

Tim Pallas claims “a lack of integration”: In fact, under the PPP, Metro (as train operator) was going to coordinate the works to ensure integration. Now, Metro has no responsibility to do so, so there is less integration by Labor taking the project back ‘in house’.


Quotes attributable to Opposition Leader Matthew Guy:

“This is the fourth major infrastructure project that Daniel Andrews has either cancelled or delayed.

“Melbourne is growing at around 95,000 people per year and is the fastest growing city in Australia.

“Daniel Andrews can’t say what it will cost, doesn’t know how it will be funded and isn’t sure when the project will start or finish.

“If the Coalition plan is so flawed, why is Daniel Andrews spending $30 million of taxpayer’s money on buying the blueprint?

“This is a government that talks the talk, and then just keeps on talking. It is unacceptable that Victoria is coming to a complete infrastructure standstill under Daniel Andrews.”

Quotes attributable to Shadow Treasurer Michael O’Brien:

“After months of delay, Daniel Andrews has taken the Coalition-funded upgrades to the Cranbourne-Pakenham line and rebadged them but increased the risk to taxpayers.

“Instead of the private sector bearing the risk of cost blow outs, Daniel Andrews wants Victorian taxpayers to be on the hook.”