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12 June 2018

Crozier: A chilly winter for public housing families under Daniel Andrews

Tuesday 12 June 2018

A chilly winter for public housing families under Daniel Andrews

The Public Accounts and Estimates Committee hearings has heard this afternoon that more than 6500 faulty gas heaters will be disconnected in public housing properties due to carbon monoxide concerns.

In an insult to public housing families, Daniel Andrews will instead offer a small “plug-in heater” while unfunded replacement works are considered.

Housing Minister Martin Foley confirmed that public housing tenants will also see an “immediate rise” in electricity costs as the plug-in heaters work overdrive.

In an embarrassing admission, the Department of Health and Human Services also stated that they “were still working through the costs of replacements”, due to finish after winter, that it was unfunded, and that no rebate had been finalised to counter the massive increase in electricity costs.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Housing, Georgie Crozier:

“As if families haven’t suffered enough under Daniel Andrews’ increase to electricity bills due to the closure of Hazelwood, public housing tenants now will suffer through a chilly winter while paying premium for heating.”

“Daniel Andrews’ decision to wait until September to replace faulty heaters will see families sit around shivering next to a power burning small plug-in heater.

“When it comes to Victoria’s most vulnerable, Daniel Andrews is all talk and no action.”