Media Release

30 May 2017

Crozier: Andrews Government literally has no answers for youth justice crisis

Tuesday 30 May 2017

Andrews Government literally has no answers for youth justice crisis

What today’s Youth Justice inquiry and PAEC hearings show is that the youth justice system under Daniel Andrews is getting worse not better.

Today we have seen a series cover-ups, stonewalling tactics, protection rackets and incompetence from the Andrews Labor Government.

Youth crime is out of control with soaring rates of carjackings and home invasions putting the safety of Victorians at risk and the best the Andrews Labor Government can do is to keep hiding the truth. It’s no wonder Victorians have lost confidence in Daniel Andrews’ ability to keep them safe.

In today’s hearings the Andrews Labor Government couldn’t answer questions about:

  • The legal costs of the three court cases over the use of Barwon;
  • How much taxpayer funds have been spent on agency staff in Youth Justice;
  • How much it cost to set up the Grevillea unit, how much damage was in the facility or how much it cost to run the unit;
  • Details of the $37.3 million allocated to repairs after riots (2016/17) and how much was allocated to each facility;
  • Any estimates on compensation payable to the youths who were placed unlawfully in the Grevillia Unit; and
  • The budget for legal fees from the government fighting these compensation claims.

Jenny Mikakos is either hiding the truth or she’s incompetent.  But either way the buck stops with Daniel Andrews.