Media Release

23 November 2018

Crozier: Better management of Public Housing stock

Friday 23 November 2018

Better management of Public Housing stock

Daniel Andrews has lost control of the cost of living and the result is more and more people finding themselves in need of emergency and ultimately public housing.

The number of Victorians needing public housing has soared meaning the waiting list has ballooned to more than 82,000 women, children and men.

Thousands of people are also sleeping rough each night, unable to secure a permanent housing option.

Melbourne’s Central Business District and suburbs and towns across Victoria experiencing a visible increase in homelessness on our streets.

Those who have been able to gain permanent public housing often report feeling unsafe in or around their homes.

The Liberal Nationals are committed to reducing the cost of living and providing safe, affordable public housing options for low-income Victorians and in government will:

  • Identify appropriate land throughout greater Melbourne and regional areas for social and public housing developments;
  • Require tenancy review teams to undertake a new program of on-site inspections to ensure that appropriate maintenance is being performed, tenants have access to necessary services, and properties are actually occupied by the person on the lease;
  • Appoint an “expert advisory panel” to devise strategies to better manage the State’s current housing stock and assets; and
  • Install necessary security infrastructure, such as CCTV cameras, in problem locations like in parts of St Kilda and South Melbourne to improve the safety of residents.

The Liberal Nationals are committed to easing the pressure on Victorian household budgets by offering discounts of 40% for new energy-efficient fridges and 50% for new energy-efficient TV to eligible households, reducing rego for first year drivers, cutting hospital car parking prices, reducing water bills and discounting energy bills for concession card holders.

The Liberal Nationals will cut the cost of living, so Victorian families can get back in control of their household budgets.