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29 August 2016

Crozier: Daniel Andrews’ pattern of behaviour

Monday 29 August 2016

Daniel Andrews’ pattern of behaviour

The long list of women that Daniel Andrews has bullied continues to grow.

Daniel Andrews likes to talk a lot about equality but once again his own Labor MPs have blown the whistle on his hypocrisy.

Reports that Daniel Andrews told Labor MPs that Donna Bauer, who at the time was treated for bowel cancer, would “soon be shitting in a bag” adds to the view that he is a bully and a nasty piece of work.

Daniel Andrews’ reputation as a bully speaks for itself. He’s bullied two female Labor ministers, he’s covered up the real story behind the missing dictaphone and then tried to blame the female journalist, he’s made nasty comments about an overweight colleague and now we have reports that he’s made disgusting comments about a woman fighting bowel cancer.

This is a man who repeatedly stands over women and bullies and intimidates them while preaching about equality and respect.