Media Release

23 June 2016

Crozier: Daniel Andrews’ Pattern of Behaviour

Thursday 23 June 2016

Daniel Andrews’ Pattern of Behaviour

Who is right?  Jack Rush QC who assisted with the Royal Commission into Black Saturday, or Daniel Andrews and the UFU?

Others who say Daniel Andrews is wrong include three former Labor Ministers, the Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission, the government’s own Crown Counsel, Warren Mundine AO, the former CFA board and former CFA CEO, Vic Farmers Federation, the Country Women’s Association and thousands of CFA volunteers.

The fact is Daniel Andrews is bullying people to get his own way and ram his changes through.  On this he has a pattern of behaviour.

Daniel Andrews covered up a stolen dictaphone and the dissemination of its contents and then tried to blame the female journalist.

Daniel Andrews tried to bully a female minister into supporting the UFU EBA and then turned on her when she stuck to her principles.

Daniel Andrews then bullied his hand-picked female CEO of the CFA into supporting the UFU EBA and then cut her loose when she wouldn’t comply.

Daniel Andrews’ bullying of senior women shows his true colours.