Media Release

02 May 2017

Crozier: Family Violence

Tuesday 2 May 2017

Family Violence

The funding announced by Daniel Andrews for family violence largely centres on bureaucratic elements such as training costs, planning, strategy development and agency co-ordination.

Creating a bigger bureaucracy is not going to keep people safe in their homes.

All political parties are on a unity ticket on eliminating family violence and support the needed investment to see a dramatic fall in its prevalence. What is not clear from the budget is how much money will actually be spent on the ground on preventing family violence and helping those victims affected by it.

Spending large amounts of money on training costs, planning, strategy development and agency co-ordination is clearly important, but it has to deliver results.  The only measurement of success is safer communities and a reduction in these cowardly crimes.

It’s also not clear from the budget how long it will take to see meaningful and important reductions in the incidence of family violence. The government has said it will take 10 years to fully implement the recommendations of the Royal Commission.

We would also like to have seen money in this budget to reopen the police stations closed under Labor so urgent calls for help can get quicker police responses.

It’s also disappointing that Daniel Andrews is yet to support the Liberal Nationals mandatory sentencing policy that includes minimum jail times of ten years for cowards who repeat violent offences.  There is no stronger message we can send on family violence than this.