Media Release

26 October 2018

Crozier: Funding boost for The Babes Project

Friday 26 October 2018

Funding boost for The Babes Project

The Liberal Nationals will provide much needed support to disadvantaged young mothers with a $300,000 investment in The Babes Project.

This vital childbirth, education and support program helps women who face a crisis pregnancy by providing them with prenatal, antenatal and parenting information, first aid classes, cooking and nutrition classes, budgeting classes and help gaining practical knowledge about childbirth and parenting.

The Babes Project runs one‑on‑one childbirth education classes for young women who cannot always attend, or afford services provided through hospitals.

A number of young women each year are not receiving the support they need in vital childbirth education and support during the ante and post-natal periods.

The Babes Project is reducing the risk of young women experiencing drug and alcohol dependence, maternal health problems, and the possible exposure to abuse or family violence.

As our population grows and cost of living pressures increase, support services like the Babes Project are vital to care for our at risk new mothers.

Only a Liberal Nationals Government will support the valuable contributions our local community organisations make.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Families and Children, Georgie Crozier:

“Many disadvantaged mothers cannot attend or afford services provided through hospitals and these same women can often have a history of one or multiple issues that puts them at significant risk.

As a former midwife, I value the work of organisations such as The Babes Project and the support they provide to vulnerable young mothers. The Babes Project is an exemplary example of a not-for-profit organisation supporting hundreds of women in Victoria.”

Comments attributable to Liberal Candidate for Frankston, Michael Lamb:

“No mum or dad should be excluded from the important role of parenting and this initiative provides the support for new families as they experience the wonderful moment of becoming a parent.

A Liberal Nationals Government will provide this funding so that women and men can be included in the conversation around parenting and the challenges that brings.”

Comments attributable to Member for Croydon, David Hodgett:

“The Babes Project is changing the way vulnerable young Victorian women approach crisis pregnancy by supporting them in the perinatal period.

Until The Babes Project, there was very little support available in Croydon for young women confronted by a crisis pregnancy. Young single mothers require even more intensive support due to the unique challenges they face.

A Liberal Nationals Government will ensure this important program continues.”