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24 October 2016

Crozier: Hennessy’s Behavioural Double Standards

Friday 21 October 2016

Hennessy’s Behavioural Double Standards

It is all well and good for Jill Hennessy to “read mean tweets” in an attempt to boost her leadership credentials against Daniel Andrews, but when it comes to the real life bullying going on around her she hasn’t had a word to say.

Where was Jill Hennessy when it was alleged that Peter Marshall threatened to “put an axe through” her ministerial colleague Jane Garrett’s head?

Where was Jill Hennessey when Daniel Andrews stood accused of making vile remarks about the former Member for Carrum, Donna Bauer, who was suffering from bowel cancer?

Where was Jill Hennessey when Daniel Andrews’ office listened to and then disseminated private recordings on a female journalist’s Dictaphone?

Today on radio, Jill Hennessey was asked directly whether she thought the behaviour of Daniel Andrews and her colleagues was appropriate and the best she could muster was “it’s not language that I would use”.

If Jill Hennessy is so genuinely committed to calling out bullying behaviour why has she remained silent on Daniel Andrews’ divisive behaviour?