Media Release

24 November 2016

Crozier: Jenny Mikakos

Wednesday 23 November 2016

Jenny Mikakos

In an answer to a Question in Parliament, Jenny Mikakos claims to not know how many Code Whites there have been at youth justice centres under her watch.

A Code White indicates a riot is taking place and is classified a Category One incident.

Records about Category Ones should be very easily accessible and if the minister can’t say then she is either lying or incompetent. There are over 10,000 staff in the minister’s department and around 300 in the youth justice section as well as approximately 100 on contract and consultancies and Jenny Mikakos claims none of them, including her own staff, have any idea how many Code Whites there have been.

A quick google search shows there have been over 20 riots at youth justice centres under the Andrews Labor Government.

Daniel Andrews must sack Jenny Mikakos. The photos published in today’s Herald Sun are the proof that this minister has cost Victorian taxpayers tens of millions of dollars and put the safety of others at risk.

The fact Daniel Andrews has already lost three ministers in less than two years is no reason to keep protecting this incompetent minster.