Media Release

29 October 2018

Crozier: Liberal Nationals commit to renovating Montague Park Scout Hall

Monday 29 October 2018

Liberal Nationals commit to renovating Montague Park Scout Hall

With population out of control under Daniel Andrews, our scout and guide halls are being neglected and failing to keep up with local population growth.

Our scouts deserve better and that’s why an elected Liberal Nationals Government will contribute $100,000 in matched funding together with Scouts Victoria towards the rebuild of Montague Park Scout Hall.

Scout and guide halls are used by a wide range of community, social and school groups, with more than 20,000 scouts in Victoria.

Scouts groups provide huge value to children across the world including providing a team environment in which to learn and grow, boost a sense of community and form close bonds with their fellow scouts and scout leaders.

Despite Labor being in power for 15 of the last 19 years, Daniel Andrews and Labor have neglected the Montague Park Scout Hall’s current building.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Families and Children, Georgie Crozier:

“Scout halls need our help. We want to support scouts and guides because they give young people great skills for life.

Michael Lamb has been doing extensive work with his local scouts and guides to help improve the conditions of the hall and encourage young people in the community to get involved.

Only a Liberal Nationals Government will provide a safe, modern and comfortable environment for cubs, scouts, venturers and rovers to enjoy their scouting activities.

Comments attributable to Liberal Candidate for Frankston, Michael Lamb:

“This investment in Montague Park Scout Hall will deliver a safer space and modernise the site so it can be used well into the future.

These kids deserve a hall that is fit for purpose, not one that is falling apart. I’m pleased to be able to commit to this long overdue upgrade.

A Matthew Guy Government and I will ensure our hardworking scouts and guides around Frankston will continue to get the support they deserve.”