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31 August 2016

Crozier: Minister Mikakos caught out

Wednesday 31 August 2016

Minister Mikakos caught out


A Freedom of Information request has revealed that on the 23 March 2016 an employee at the Parkville Youth Justice Centre was injured when he intervened to separate a physical altercation between detainees.

At the time a client separation process was undertaken to prevent client to client violence.

One of the clients within the unit observed a client in the foyer area through the aluminium door and began kicking the door. The aluminium door was broken from its hinges by clients kicking it, which then compromised the physical separation.

The two gangs of clients interacted and several began fighting. Staff intervened which led to the injury.

It was acknowledged that “the aluminium door is not of sufficient strength” and that the Department has “failed to provide a system of work relating to client separation that is, so far as is reasonably practicable, safe and without risks to health.”

As part of their investigation, WorkSafe Victoria issued a stern warning that all aluminium doors at the Parkville Youth Justice Centre used to maintain client separation, must be replaced by 6 June 2016.

When asked in Question Time today if this has been adhered to and at what cost, Minister Mikakos failed to provide an answer.

Quotes attributable to Georgie Crozier, Shadow Minister for Families

Minister Mikakos’ failure to answer a simple question today shows that the Andrews Government is too busy fighting amongst themselves rather than focusing on their jobs.

Under Daniel Andrews, we have seen violent riots, countless reviews and serious injuries as detainees run rampant at Parkville Youth Justice Centre, yet the Minister appears to have no clue as to the dangerous situation for the staff she is responsible for.

Daniel Andrews and his Minister should spend less time fighting amongst themselves and more time worrying about providing all Victorians with a safe workplace.