Media Release

20 November 2018

Crozier: More support to Kinship and Foster Carers

Tuesday 20 November 2018

More support to Kinship and Foster Carers

Cost of living is out of control under Daniel Andrews and is putting enormous strain on foster families and households that care for some of our most vulnerable children.

The Liberal Nationals will provide an additional $1500 funding assistance per year to foster and kinship carers to cover out-of-pocket family and household expenses. A loading of 10% will also be provided for carers who are residing in regional Victoria.

Daniel Andrews has ignored foster carers and kinship carers, which is why more than 100 carers have left the sector. The Liberal Nationals are listening to foster carers and kinship carers and will provide this much needed financial support.

The Liberal Nationals recognise the enormous work done by foster and kinship carers and their families when they provide support to keep a young person safe and secure.

Many grandparent carers are on a pension; they work part-time or are on a limited income and the cost of living pressures add to the financial burden.

This significant funding commitment will provide much needed support for Victoria’s carers and will ease their cost of living pressures.

Only the Liberal Nationals will ease the cost of living by slashing water bills by up to $100, providing discounted car rego for first year P-platers, offering free schools books for government secondary school students and discounts for new energy-efficient fridges and TVs, for low income households.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Families, Georgie Crozier:

“The Liberal Nationals value the care and efforts of kinship and foster carers across Victoria and understand some of the barriers for foster carers and kinship carers in regional areas.

The additional funding will assist in easing the pressure of out of pocket expenses for kinship and foster carers.”

Comments attributable to Liberal candidate for Morwell, Dale Harriman:

“The Liberal Nationals recognise the enormous work done by carers looking after vulnerable children.

Here in Morwell we have a high amount of foster and kinship carers. We are hard workers here, and happy to stand on our own two feet. This will just help to ease the squeeze on the household budget of carers in the Valley.” 

Comments attributable to Nationals candidate, Sheridan Bond:
“Foster and kinship carers play an important role in supporting vulnerable young people living in our regional communities.”

“The increase in payments and regional allowance will allow for additional supports for children in need and help ease the financial burden for our valued foster and kinship carers.”