Media Release

24 November 2016

Crozier: Statement on Family Violence

Thursday 24 November 2016

Statement on Family Violence

The Liberal Nationals will work constructively with all political parties to reduce family violence.  I think every single Member of Parliament is completely committed to this important outcome.

The Royal Commission into Family Violence recommendations have been out for seven months but Daniel Andrews has still not provided the costings to implement them.

The Premier still continues to be evasive when asked about how he will fund these measures and refuses to rule out new taxes to fund them.

This is despite the fact that Andrews Labor Government has increased tax revenue by 21% in the last two years.

The Andrews Labor Government has record levels of tax revenue and a record of wasteful spending – family violence measures should be funded without making families pay even higher taxes.

Daniel Andrews needs to stop playing these political games and produce the costings urgently.