Media Release

07 February 2017

Crozier: Taxi Fares for Youth Offender visitors

Tuesday 7 February 2017

Taxi Fares for Youth Offender visitors

The costs of Minister Jenny Mikakos’ bungling seem to have no bounds.

The Andrews Government has confirmed today, that after allowing the Parkville and Malmsbury Youth Justice centres to be trashed by rampaging offenders, it is paying the taxi fares of their visitors at Barwon prison.

It is now obvious that Minister Jenny Mikakos doesn’t care how many more riots there are, how many more people have their safety risked or how much more it costs taxpayers, she only cares about clinging on to her job.

Enough is enough, given it is clear that Minister Jenny Mikakos does not have the decency to resign, Daniel Andrews must show some leadership and sack her.