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18 November 2016

Crozier: Time for Jenny Mikakos to go to the backbench

Thursday 17 November 2016

Time for Jenny Mikakos to go to the backbench

Jenny Mikakos must take responsibility for the chaos in her portfolio over the last 18 months and resign.

If she doesn’t have the decency to do the right thing and resign then Daniel Andrews must sack her.

Last weekend’s riots which all but destroyed the Parkville facility weren’t just a one-off, random event.  There have been over 20 violent riots at youth justice facilities over the past 18 months and many more which have been covered up.

The minister’s incompetence has not only cost Victorian taxpayers tens of millions of dollars in damage to the facility, but she has put the safety of others in jeopardy.  Not even Daniel Andrews has the chutzpah to defend this disastrous minister.

Even on the incredibly low bar of competency that the Andrews Government has set, Jenny Mikakos is a low-energy performer.