Media Release

25 November 2016

Crozier: When will Jenny finally get the sack?

Friday 25 November 2016

When will Jenny finally get the sack?

Reports today of yet another riot in our chaotic and dysfunctional youth justice system is just further evidence Daniel Andrews should sack Minister Jenny Mikakos.

It was reported today on radio that at 5pm yesterday staff discovered inmates making weapons from lightshades forcing the unit in to lockdown. At 7pm the lockdown was lifted and the riot began resulting in significant damage to equipment in the facility.

Further information about the horrific extent of the riots at Parkville has also surfaced today after the Andrews Government spent the past two weeks attempting to cover it up.

There is now no doubt that Daniel Andrews and his incompetent Minister have been covering up a disaster of his government’s own making.

Victorians can’t have any confidence in this Labor government’s ability to fix youth justice and keep Victorians safe when they cover up reports like this.

How much longer will the Premier defend his hopeless, useless and incompetent Minister?