Media Release

29 September 2016

Crozier: Youth Crime Statistics

Thursday 29 September 2016

Youth Crime Statistics

Background from Crime Statistics Agency:

Over the last year there has been a 4 per cent drop in the number of offenders under 25, with the greatest change seen amongst 15 to 19 year old offenders which dropped by 5 per cent.

Although the number of offenders under 25 decreased, these offenders were involved in more incidents on average compared to the rest of the offending population.

Statistics show that on average, offenders under 25 were involved in 2.4 incidents per offender compared to the overall average of 2.0 incidents per offender.

Attributable to Georgie Crozier:

Daniel Andrews is turning Melbourne into Gotham City.

Violent young offenders do not fear the police, the courts and certainly not Daniel Andrews and his ministers.

Part-time Police Minister, Lisa Neville and Jenny Mikakos, the Minister for Families and Children, are in a race to the bottom as to who is the worst minister in the Andrews Labor Government.

Our youth detention centres have become a recruiting and breeding ground for youth gangs that are growing in size, influence and brutality.  We are seeing alarming rates of reoffending in youth crime and an under-resourced police force to deal with this problem.

Our courts have become a revolving door for violent criminals and it’s time for Daniel Andrews to slam it shut.