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04 March 2015

Hodgett: Daniel Andrews’ 800% Melbourne Port Rent Hike to Cost Jobs

Wednesday 4 March 2015


Daniel Andrews’ 800% Melbourne Port Rent Hike to Cost Jobs

It’s been revealed today that Daniel Andrews is considering increasing rents at the Port of Melbourne by up to 800 per cent.

The Chief Executive of one of the port’s major stevedores, DP World, Paul Scurrah, has told The Age that:

“This will directly threaten jobs at the port and indirectly threat jobs in the supply chain.”

The Chief Executive of Asciano, John Mullen, said the planned increase would make the port uncompetitive:

“It would make the Port of Melbourne overwhelmingly the most expensive port in Australia and completely uncompetitive by global standards.”

The newspaper quotes a source as saying thousands of jobs could be lost in the logistics supply chain in Melbourne as a result of such a rent increase.


Comments from David Hodgett, Shadow Minister for Ports:

“Daniel Andrews is fattening the Port of Melbourne in a move that industry leaders are saying could cost thousands of jobs.

“Labor is planning a massive rent hike that threatens to cause economic damage to the state.

“While Daniel Andrews is planning to spend $1 billion to not build an infrastructure project, he’s desperately looking for ways to raise the cash to pay for compensation he promised to not pay.”