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15 November 2017

Davis: Do Ormond right next time – Legislative Council

15 November 2017

Do Ormond right next time – Legislative Council

The Legislative Council of the Victorian Parliament today revoked Amendment C170 to the Glen Eira Planning Scheme which would otherwise have facilitated the development of a 13 storey tower above Ormond Railway Station.

Transport oriented development has the potential to provide additional and well-serviced housing stock in the face of Victoria’s massive population growth, but these developments need to be done right and be in tune with community and local councils’ expectations.

While the Opposition supports achieving value capture from level crossing removals, this should not be the sole aim of government in planning development opportunities.

13 storeys is clearly a massive overdevelopment of low rise Ormond, and bears no resemblance to the 8 storeys preferred and supported by Glen Eira Council for the Ormond Station site.

Planning Minister Richard Wynne needs to listen to the Ormond community and Glen Eira Council and come up with a revised development proposal that better meets their legitimate expectations.

Quotes attributable to the Shadow Minister for Public Transport, David Davis MP:

Local Labor MP Nick Staikos abandoned the Ormond community and the City of Glen Eira in the face of his colleagues’ reckless plans for the massive and inappropriate overdevelopment of Ormond Station.

The Andrews Labor Government is desperate for cash given their financial mismanagement of the level crossing removal program.  Even though the Ormond level crossing removal was fully funded by the previous Coalition Government, the prospect of a quick buck led to Labor’s outrageous approval of a 13 storey development in Ormond.

However, the Legislative Council today proved to be an effective check and balance against the worst excesses of Daniel Andrews.  Daniel Andrews would be wise to hear the message – no more riding roughshod over councils and communities.  No more forced densification.  No more inappropriate overdevelopment of our suburbs in the name of a quick buck.