Media Release

29 March 2016

Davis: Government commissioned polling on Sky Rail

Tuesday 29 March 2016


Government commissioned polling on Sky Rail

Daniel Andrews has flushed more taxpayer money down the toilet by commissioning political polling on the unpopular Sky Rail project.

If Daniel Andrews really wants to know what people think he should look at some of the more than 5,000 signed petitions from angry local residents calling on him to dump Sky Rail.

These petitions have been lodged in Parliament and evidently completely ignored by Daniel Andrews.

This scandalous waste of taxpayer money to try to hoodwink Victorians into thinking Sky Rail is popular is just more evidence of Daniel Andrews playing politics.  The fact that Daniel Andrews didn’t come clean with locals about Sky Rail before the election tells you everything you need to know about this dud project.

Daniel Andrews must not shortcut a transparent process and order a full Environmental Effects Statement for Sky Rail given its massive visual and noise impacts.

If Daniel Andrews is so confident that his dud Sky Rail is so popular, he should have no concerns about attending some of the local rallies being held by the local community.