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07 August 2018

Davis: Labor shamed into upgrading standard gauge long haul rail stock

Monday 6 August 2018

Labor shamed into upgrading standard gauge long haul rail stock

Labor’s announcement today has seen them play catch up on regional trains.

The Liberal Nationals’ commitment, announced in April will give country Victorians the rail service they deserve with a $633 million investment to replace the ageing fleet of diesel hauled trains with new-generation, faster, long haul variants of the successful V/Locity trains.

Under the Liberal Nationals plan, an order will be placed in June 2019 with the new fleet delivered during the first term of government.

The fleet replacement of 16 new train sets, consisting of 96 new railcars, capable of speeds up to 160 km/h will be built in Victoria as a new variant to suit longer haul country travel.

It is expected that there will be six cars per train which will be able to be configured flexibly where required.

Labor have taken country Victorians for granted, failing to fund proper track upgrades despite being in power for 14 of the last 18 years.

91% of recent rail revival track upgrades are funded by the Commonwealth Government not Daniel Andrews.

Over its decade and a half in power in recent years Labor has preferred to keep the aged and unreliable long haul rattlers going, patching them up year after year with chewing gum and string.

The Liberal Nationals led the way on new long haul rolling stock and Daniel Andrews has been shamed into following.

With six government ministers under active police investigation, you just can’t trust Labor.