Media Release

22 November 2018

Davis: Liberal Nationals to reform VCAT

Thursday 22 November 2018

Liberal Nationals to reform VCAT

A Liberal Nationals Government will review the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) and the operation of the planning list to ensure that VCAT is better aware of and more responsive to community views.

The review, which will report to government by October 2020, will examine:

  • The operation of the VCAT planning list and the achievement of liveability and amenity objectives;
  • Whether the views and expectations of communities have been adequately reflected in VCAT decisions; and
  • What mechanisms could improve VCAT’s recognition and understanding of community stakeholders.

The review will be tasked with advising on mechanisms to keep VCAT and Planning Panels Victoria in touch with community views and expectations, including the use of community advisory groups, to be known as a Community Responsiveness Guarantee.

The review will also be tasked with advising government on the implementation of a Charter of Residents’ Rights along the lines proposed by community groups.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Planning, David Davis:

“For too long, developers have been able to rely on going to VCAT as a convenient tool for refusing to address community expectations about the scale and impact of proposed developments.

A better balance is required in Victoria administrative appeals processes between proponents of developments and the communities impacted by the proposed development.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Attorney-General, John Pesutto:

“The Liberal Nationals will conduct a review of VCAT’s planning list with a view to increasing VCAT’s awareness of and responsiveness to community views.

The result will be better planning decisions that respect the rights not only of developers, but also of local communities.”