Media Release

07 November 2018

Davis: Liberals to back strong new plan for Box Hill’s future

Wednesday 7 November 2018

Liberals to back strong new plan for Box Hill’s future

A Liberal Nationals Government will work with Whitehorse Council to put in place a strong new strategic plan for the Box Hill central activity district that will get back control over development and make Box Hill a more accessible and people-friendly community centre.

Daniel Andrews and Labor have allowed development in and around Box Hill to get out of control, threatening to turn central Box Hill into a mass of towers and wind tunnels.  Labor rejected Whitehorse Council’s attempt to set some limits, and multiple tower applications have been given approval to go ahead.

A Liberal Nationals Government will support Whitehorse Council to develop a new precinct structure plan for Box Hill Central Activity District and surrounding areas, with clear boundaries and transitional height limits to protect surrounding residential areas.

The new plan will set strict rules for what development will be allowed in future, how high it can be, and where it can be located.  The plan will also cover key future requirements such as public open space, pedestrian walkways, cark parking and transport interchange location.

The development of the new structure plan will be led by Whitehorse Council, supported by a Ministerial Advisory Committee, and with input from residents, businesses and community organisations.

The development of the new plan will include examining:

  • whether Whitehorse Road should be re-aligned to improve traffic and bus movements and create more open public space
  • the potential to develop a civic square in place of the open air car park at the corner of Whitehorse Road and Nelson Road
  • options for better use of government and council owned land, including the potential for land swaps with other owners in order to provide more and better public open spaces
  • options for better and more accessible car parking for residents, workers and shoppers
  • the best way to relocate or upgrade the bus interchange, and any land swaps, rail line decking or other arrangements required.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Planning, David Davis

“Labor has let development in Box Hill get out of control, and the community is paying the price.

We will support Whitehorse Council to bring in a new strategic plan for central Box Hill that will set clear rules for development and ensure Box Hill is a people-friendly and attractive community centre.”

Comments attributable to Member for Box Hill, Robert Clark

“Residents are sick and tired of the impacts of out of control development across our suburbs.

We need a new and far-reaching plan for central Box Hill that will make it more accessible and easier to walk around, with better car parking and bus access and more open space, and will set the framework for Box Hill’s future for years to come.”