Media Release

09 September 2016

Davis: Local council amalgamations

Friday 9 September 2016

Local council amalgamations

Daniel Andrews and his Local Government Minister Natalie Hutchins are embarking on a program to force local councils to amalgamate without community support.

Daniel Andrews has started a war with local government and local communities which will cost Victorians more.

Daniel Andrews did not go to the state election with a plan to drive local council amalgamations.

The Andrews Government is holding a financial whip to local government to force them to amalgamate.

Labor has cut funding to local government; it is now less than it was under the Coalition. The Labor cuts include the critical Country Roads and Bridges program through its abolition they have stripped $40 million per year from country councils.

Labor has set a poor example of financial responsibility for local government jacking state taxes and charges up by more than 20% in just two years while lecturing local councils on cost control.

Why is Labor raising council amalgamations just weeks from the local government elections? Do Labor and its local government minister seek to make this a council election issue?