Media Release

18 December 2017

Davis: Metro Tunnel consortium on notice: we need a South Yarra interchange

Monday 18 December 2017

Metro Tunnel consortium on notice: we need a South Yarra interchange

We need a Metro Tunnel interchange at South Yarra station to cater for projected growth in demand for public transport.

The Liberal Nationals have today written to the Andrews Labor Government advising them a future Guy Government will not rule out amending the Metro Tunnel alignment to include an interchange with South Yarra station.

Ignoring an interchange in one of our fastest growing suburbs would be a wasted opportunity.

Daniel Andrews seems content to waste $1.3 billion tearing up the East West Link contract, but thinks the expense too great to future-proof our state’s largest infrastructure project.

In the letter, the Liberal Nationals have advised the Andrews Government to be aware that any clauses of the contract that may condemn a future Government to hefty penalties should the alignment change, would not be in Victoria’s interest.

The Liberal Nationals will also consider adjusting the precise alignment with respect to the location of Domain (Anzac) station to improve the outcome and functionality of the project.

With the costs of the Metro Tunnel already blowing out by over $2 billion, now is not the time to waste more on a missed opportunity.


Attributable to Shadow Minister for Public Transport, David Davis:

“It is not in Victoria’s interests for Daniel Andrews to sign Victoria up to hefty fines if this project needs to be improved.

“Daniel Andrews is happy to waste $1.3 billion not building the East West Link, yet can’t spare money to future proof our largest infrastructure project.

“A Liberal Nationals Government is planning ahead for our growing population while Daniel Andrews just wants media headlines.”