Media Release

01 October 2018

Davis: Protecting our coastal towns along the Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula

Monday 1 October 2018

Protecting our coastal towns along the Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula

The Liberal Nationals are committed to preserving one of Victoria’s most iconic and natural assets by blocking inappropriate development along the Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast.

The former Coalition Government identified the Bellarine Peninsula as an “Identified Distinctive Area” in Plan Melbourne 2014 – A Metropolitan Planning Strategy. The Bellarine Peninsula, along with the Mornington Peninsula, Macedon Ranges and the Yarra Valley was recognised as having significant geographical and physical features which contribute to quality of life of all Victorians and visitors.

By identifying these specific areas and working with local governments to achieve localised planning statements, these areas would be protected in the planning system for current and future generations to enjoy.

A re-elected Liberal National Government is committed to building on the work already started by the previous Coalition Government and has announced strict planning rules will be introduced within our first 100 days of office to protect the liability of our suburbs and towns.

Labor has been in Government for 15 of the last 19 years and have twice moved to weaken planning protections along the Surf Coast, refusing to add the Bellarine Peninsula in the Distinctive Landscape Act and increasing height limits to three stories.

For Labor to put their hands in the air and blame other people is hypocrisy.

The Brumby Government and former Labor Planning Minister Justin Madden shifted town boundaries on the Bellarine Peninsula and along the Surf Coast in towns like Ocean Grove and Torquay – now with an election around the corner, Labor thinks a press release is enough to halt the development they have green-lighted.

Only the Liberal Nationals will stand up for our local coastal communities and halt inappropriate development.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Planning, David Davis:

Labor and Lisa Neville have sat on their hands for the last four years, letting inappropriate development occur on the Bellarine Peninsula and along the Surf Coast, with little regard for the liveability of local communities.

“Now, after having let things rip for years, Labor appear to have had a last-minute conversion with the election breathing down their neck”

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Geelong, Andrew Katos:

“The Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula are not areas we want endless growth occurring. It’s not going to work.

Growth on the Surf Coast has been an issue for the past 10 years, going back to the Brumby government, we have to look forward and protect and preserve what is there.”

Comments attributable to Liberal candidate for Bellarine, Brian McKiterick:

“If elected in November I will work with the local community and ensure that their concerns are listen to and acted upon.

I’m committed to working with Matthew Guy and the Liberal team in Geelong to ensure that the Bellarine Peninsula is protected and can be enjoyed for generations to come.”