Media Release

26 November 2015

Davis: Richard Wynne and Fishermans Bend

Thursday 26 November 2015


Richard Wynne and Fishermans Bend

Richard Wynne stands accused of deliberately spending $19 million of taxpayers’ money to try to score political points.

The announcement by Richard Wynne that the state government has purchased land in Fishermans Bend for a ‘future park’ is shameless.

The future park announced by Richard Wynne is just 0.4 hectares in size.  But less than two kilometres away is the JL Murphy Reserve, a 12 hectare park which includes two cricket ovals, a baseball diamond, a full size and a half size soccer field, a pavilion and other facilities.

Other parks in the Fishermans Bend and Port Melbourne area include Edwards Park, Lagoon Reserve, RF Julier Reserve, TT Buckingham Reserve and the Fred Jackson Reserve.

Richard Wynne’s 0.4 hectare ‘future park’ is in Buckhurst Street which falls within the suburb of South Melbourne.

Richard Wynne is either incompetent or playing politics or possibly both.

Under rules introduced by the former government, every apartment approved in Fishermans Bend is required to pay a Developer Contribution of $15,900.  This is the highest ever contribution required for apartments, and is as high as the contributions required for greenfield developments in the outer suburbs.

The total amount of Developer Contributions payable for the apartments approved so far is over $70 million. The projects approved include those by both Liberal and Labor governments.

The precinct also hosts a fire station, access to local shops, and has public transport access to two tram routes and is just a few minutes ride or walk from the Hoddle Grid.

The Coalition planned for the Melbourne Rail Link metro line, with a route from Southern Cross Station, to Montague St in Fishermans Bend, to Domain interchange, to South Yarra (including an interchange).  Daniel Andrews ditched this plan and as a result there will be no train station servicing Fishermans Bend.  The Coalition’s plan also provided for a future tram bridge over the Yarra from Docklands to Fishermans Bend.

Richard Wynne has approved apartments in 2015 at Fishermans Bend, despite the fact he has no provision for additional public transport services.

In April 2015, without any notice or prior discussion Richard Wynne also announced a major expansion to the Fishermans Bend area, with what he calls an Employment Precinct, north of the Westgate Freeway.

Ever since the ‘stolen dictaphone scandal’, Daniel Andrews’ relationship with the truth has been subject to question.  Now so is Richard Wynne’s.