Media Release

04 April 2017

Davis: Show us the money!

Tuesday 4 April 2017

Show us the money!

Daniel Andrews is scandalously sitting on a $176 million Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC) tax paid by developers, and ultimately by families, in Melbourne’s growth areas.


The GAIC is a tax on newly developed outer suburban land, specifically for the purpose of outer suburban infrastructure in high growth areas.

Implemented by the previous Labor Government six years ago, the GAIC has collected over $176 million since June 2016.

Despite collecting more $67 million last year Daniel Andrews has only spent $7.6 million of his war chest – 4.3% of the treasure fleeced from the growth areas.

Wyndham City Council has received just 4.7% of the contributions received for their growth area as of June 2016. The balance of the fund as of June 2016 sits at $30,529,490. 50 per cent of that is legislated for public transport related works.

With Victoria’s population growing at 2.1% last year and most of that growth occurring in Melbourne’s growth areas, it is no use Daniel Andrews burying this massive treasure while families in growth areas go without vital infrastructure.

It is time Daniel Andrews spent these enormous sums on key infrastructure projects like schools, hospitals and transport projects instead of using it to prop up his budget surplus.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Planning, David Davis:

Daniel Andrews is hoarding cash that was promised to outer suburban communities heaving under massive population growth.

There is money available to relieve pressure on suburban families but Daniel Andrews is refusing to help.

Under Daniel Andrews there are always winners and losers, and today the losers are everyday Victorians.