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29 March 2016

Davis: Sky Rail compensation

Tuesday 29 March 2016


Sky Rail compensation

Only weeks ago Daniel Andrews and Jacinta Allan painted scenes of a utopian playground under the proposed Sky Rail.

Today, Daniel Andrews and Jacinta Allan admitted that it wasn’t a utopian playground by offering residents along the rail line the option to be bought out by the taxpayer.

If Sky Rail is going to create the utopian neighbourhoods that Daniel Andrews and Jacinta Allan said it would then why do they need to buy out local residents?

The fact is, the Andrews Labor Government has been lying all along about the impact of Sky Rail and has admitted it with this panicked and rushed announcement without any details.

Jacinta Allan is botching yet another major transport issue with her reverse Midas touch. There is still no Environment Effects Statement for Sky Rail, there is still no final route map, there is still no final height or width for Sky Rail, yet Jacinta Allan is now offering to buy residents out.

Daniel Andrews never told Victorians before the election that he would run Sky Rail above suburban homes. More than 5000 people have now signed petitions against Labor’s Sky Rail.

Because of this huge community backlash Jacinta Allan has today attempted a quick back of the envelope political fix in a panicked attempt to save Labor seats at the next Federal Election.

Surely this compensation would be better spent instead in doing what residents actually want; for this ugly and intrusive Sky Rail proposal to be abandoned and instead remove level crossings by putting rail under road.

Jacinta Allan is either once again hopelessly out of her depth or deliberately hiding the truth of Sky Rail from Victorians.