Media Release

11 January 2016

Davis: ‘Sky Rail’ revelations

Monday 11 January 2016



Daniel Andrews’ secret plan to elevate the Pakenham rail line two to four storeys above street level for several kilometres in the south-eastern suburbs is clearly another broken promise.

There was a clear promise before the election to put rail lines underground at level crossing sites to minimise sound and visual impacts as well as damaging small businesses and retailers in the immediate area.  But now we learn Daniel Andrews is looking for a ‘cheaper option’.

There are some key questions and issues that Daniel Andrews must urgently address.

The visual amenity will also be greatly reduced in these areas.  The complete structure of the elevated rail, including poles and overhead wires, will be around three to four storeys high, making it a visual eye-sore in suburban areas.

If the rail line is elevated two to four storeys high that will also result in train noise being projected for greater distances.  That means noise impact studies will need to be urgently done so local residents can have some essential facts and details.

The negative visual and sound impacts will also result in falling property values in the vicinity of the elevated rail line.

These elevated rail lines also create a massive physical barrier in suburbs and effectively cuts communities in half.

There are also timetable issues that Daniel Andrews needs to answer.  Will the trains be speed limited and as such, slow the timetable down?  How many freight trains will use these noise projecting overpasses?

Before the election Daniel Andrews liked to talk about the importance of election mandates. But at no point before the election did Daniel Andrews tell people in the south-eastern suburbs that he was going to elevate the rail line.

Proper Consultation with communities must be undertaken this year with the rail elevated option clear.