Media Release

02 November 2018

Davis: The price of a Labor Greens government

Friday 2 November 2018

The price of a Labor Greens government

The Greens are campaigning on their ability to form a minority government with the Labor Party.

The price of a Labor Greens government will be chaos and instability as the Greens force Labor to implement their policy agenda.

The Greens’ list of demands that are at odds with Labor’s policies include, among others:

  • Cancelling road infrastructure projects such as the North East Link;
  • Cancelling all capital upgrades to Independent and Catholic schools.
  • Overturning plans for new prisons.
  • Shutting down the coal industry entirely.
  • Shutting down gas supplies to households.
  • Overturning mandatory sentencing for attacks on emergency service workers.
  • Increasing Labor’s betting tax by 7% to 15%.
  • Abolish the use of Tasers that are being rolled out across the state.
  • Stripping back police powers to deal with potential terrorist threats.

Not content with overturning Labor proposals, the Greens have a raft of their own ideas they would demand be implemented including banning pokies.

Alarmingly, the Greens propose to introduce a land tax of 75%, driving up the cost of housing beyond the reach of first time home buyers.

They also plan to release criminals into the community with their proposals to stop building prisons with plans for the reintroduction of suspended sentences and home detention.

The price of a Labor Greens minority government is too much to bare.

It would be a recipe for chaos and instability in government at enormous cost to the wellbeing and cost of living for all Victorians.

It would mean increased taxes, more criminals on the streets, more traffic chaos, an attack on Independent and Catholic schools and more.

Only a Liberal Nationals government can deliver a stable majority government at the next election – the alternative is chaos.