Media Release

28 November 2017

Finn: Statement on Don Burke and Asperger’s

Tuesday 28 November 2017

Statement on Don Burke and Asperger’s

I do not know Don Burke. Given everything I have heard about him this week, I am probably glad I do not know Don Burke.

But what I do know is that to use Asperger’s syndrome as an excuse for deplorable behaviour is in itself despicable.

Don Burke may have amazing abilities of self-diagnosis, but his knowledge of Asperger’s leaves an enormous amount to be desired.

Having Asperger’s does not make a person a bully or make them more likely to sexually harass or assault people.  It does not lead to any of the sort of behaviour that Mr Burke stands accused of.

Mr Burke owes the Asperger’s community of Australia a huge apology.

They have enough to deal with without having to put up with a feral desperado getting on national television and slandering them.

He is wrong and he is weak and cowardly — to use the autism spectrum as some sort of shield.

After Don Burke apologises he might like to do a little study and discover for himself how out of line he is, and if he cares, try to imagine the hurt and pain he has caused to so many.

If he’s not prepared to apologise for any of his other behaviour and actions, I hope he can at least start with saying sorry to the Asperger’s community.