Media Release

10 May 2017

Finn: Telmo Languiller

Wednesday 10 May

Telmo Languiller

Daniel Andrews and Telmo Languiller still seem to believe it’s okay to live in trendy Footscray and represent Tarneit which is over 20 kilometres away.

Just because he’s repaid the money he rorted, it doesn’t mean he can continue to live over 20 kilometres out of his electorate.

This arrogant and rorting Labor MP has complete contempt for the people of the seat he’s supposed to represent because he thinks he’s too good to live amongst us.

I am proud to live and represent my constituents of the Western Metropolitan Region because they are good, hardworking people who need a strong voice in the Victorian Parliament.

If he’s not going to do the honourable thing and leave parliament, the very least he could do is move in to his Tarneit electorate.

Labor has long taken Melbourne’s West for granted. They use and abuse at will. Nothing shows this more than ALP MPs who allegedly represent locals but refuse to live here.

The people of the western suburbs deserve better but there is no chance we’ll get it from absent Labor hacks.